The Hub is accessible 24/7 and it is open every day, all day, 365 days a year. The co-workers always have secure access to their workspace. All co-workers have access to extensive amenities and services.

Optical Internet x2
& Awesome WiFi

Accessible 24/7


Conference room 6 persons

Printer & Scanner

Professional photo equipment

Purified water

Daily cleaning


Hubitat is located in the city center in Mite Ružića street which is connected to Katolicka porta and Laze Teleckog street. Hubitat is situated in the building with a historical significance called Vatican. It was built in 1930. and commissioned by Roman Catholic church community. The architect Daka Popović emphasized the structure of this palace by putting the eclectic decor on the facade. You can even notice some flat ionic columns on the facade.

There are a variety of restaurants and pubs nearby. We love to hang-out during the breaks in Katolicka porta and grab the ice-cream in Crna ovca. (Not sponsored : )


Downtown location

Access to the community network

Lounge area


Coffee, tea and mineral water

Pet friendly

A variety of restaurants nearby

Occasionally group dinners

Two kitchens

Future investments and space updates

We belive in Democracy. We make decisions together. All co-workers have the freedom to initiate changes and the obligation to be part of making decisions. All money from the co-working rent will be returned to the Hubitat bucket for future investments. We are planning to improve the current space based on our co-worker's needs. The co-workers vote for priority investments. Based on the majority results, we do monthly investment. Our vision is to build a better place together.

Future investments & Space updates

Updating in progress

Quality office lightning updates

Phone/skype booth

Standing desks and furniture update

1 small conference/Phone boot 2-3 persons

Additional screens and projectors

Alarm systems

Living Room/nap furniture update

Private lockers

Foosball table

Improve of terrace chill area

Books for the library

Monitor mounters

Interior design changes

Future activities – board Games

Cosy environment, with perfect location. 24hr access, unlimited coffee and good people.

Marko Ilic

UX / UI Designer

Membership plans

The first trial day of co-working is free. For more information about the capacity, feel free to drop us a message.

Virtual office

35/ monthly
You can register your office and visit us for a coffee whenever you like. We'll take care of your post.
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10/ per day
You can pick an open seat in a shared open office environment. Just bring your laptop, make the coffee in our kitchen and get to work.
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Dedicated desk

107/ monthly
You’ll get your own personal desk where you can put your computer and other facilities. Feel free to add your personal touch.
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